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How to avoid fraud by Packers and Movers?

You are at that time of the year when a lot of work and intra company transfers happen in India. And for the same reason, the months of April to September are the busiest for packers movers in Noida. Relocating to a new place often takes its own toll and can be quite overwhelming at times. We often tend to overlook the essentials and become careless in rushing things. It is this opportunity that some cheating packers and move look for so that they can take some money out of you.

In this article I am going to tell you how you can spot those frauds and prevent them from happening.

1. Trust word of mouth –

Online reviews can often turn out to be fake. Trust the good old word of mouth. Go with movers and packers who are reliable and ask people around you for recommendations.

2. Do your research –

Additionally, do your own homework. With the right research and screening, you can easily tell the fake ones from the real ones,thus avoiding frauds and scams by packers and movers. Go through their profile carefully, and see how long they have been serving. Try and find out 3-4 movers and packers to choose from in the area and shortlist.

3. Verify Documents –

It is mandatory and essential to use licensed movers and packers for your own safety. Don’t rely on those who quote you a lesser price, but are not licensed. If the companyis licensed, you will be able to track and report quickly, if needed. Check their legal documents, licenses, service and tax registration, Pan Card, establishment license etc.

4. Don’t decide on the phone –

You are going to trust someone with all your belongings for days, if not weeks. Don’t rush it and don’t decide on packers and movers over a phone. Visit their office, meet the team/ owner, have a conversation with him and then decide. It is good to allow your gut to decide at times.

5. Don’t pay in full before delivery –

Most of these frauds involve taking the entire amount in advance and then not deliver on their promises. Don’t fall for that. If you find them pushing you a lot for the total payment in advance, there is something fishy. Most reliable packers movers in Noida like Bhagwati Packers will work with a small amount of advance and the rest can be paid upon completion of delivery.

6. Avoid paying in cash -

Always choose cheque or digital payment and only in the name of the company. This is one of the most important steps to avoid fraud by packers and movers. Remember that there is no way of tracking cash transactions, and hence should be avoided at any cost.

Are you moving to another townshortly? Are you worried about the fraud packers movers in Noida? Call us.